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Low-voltage outdoor lighting can bring any landscape to life after dark. Whether for security, effect, or both, Kiefer Landscaping professionals will use their experience to design and install a quality low- voltage outdoor lighting system to meet your needs.

Our designer’s creativity, knowledge of different lighting techniques, and familiarity with low- voltage outdoor lighting products gives you a qualified “eye” to plan your landscape lighting system. Using professional-quality transformers and fixtures manufactured by Vista, Luxor, and Kichler will give your landscape lighting daytime beauty with years of nighttime reliability.

Using the latest LED lighting technology you can achieve independent dimming control of each fixture in your landscape or even change the color of your lights.  This is an exciting development that will allow you to customize your lighting to the season or create unique “moods” in your garden.

LED Landscape Lighting Will:

  • Lower your outdoor lighting power consumption [lowering your operating expense]
  • Decrease your system transformer size [lowering your initial cost]
  • Decrease the amount of wire needed in your outdoor lighting system [lowering your initial cost]
  • Increase the bulb life of your fixtures nearly tenfold [lowering your operating cost]

LED lamps can often be retrofitted into existing fixtures for increased bulb life (especially important for inaccessible fixtures such as down-lighting mounted high in trees).

Both incandescent low-voltage lighting and LED lighting have their merits, and we’ll use them together to create a dependable, long-lasting lighting system to tastefully accent your property.