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Landscaping Considerations Checklist

  • Do you have children or pets that would require a sizable lawn?  Or, do your outdoor activities require large, open lawn spaces?  Do you enjoy mowing a lawn?
  • How much time would you like to spend on garden maintenance?  Is this a form of relaxation, or just another “chore” you’d rather not add to an already full list?
  • Are you interested in plants for their beauty of form and texture?  Do you enjoy a garden full of flowers?  Do you have favorite plants?  Do you have any plants you dislike?
  • Do you enjoy bird watching and want to attract butterflies (and bees) to your garden?  Do you have a significant deer population nearby?
  • Would you like herbs and edible plants integrated into your landscape?  Do you want to grow your own vegetables and fruits?
  • Do you prefer an open, uncluttered feel to your garden, or do you like a full, almost crowded, look?  Are you eclectic, or do you prefer symmetry and balance?
  • Are you interested in creating a landscape you can escape into, to help reduce your daily stresses, and help you appreciate how wonderful nature really is?
  • Or, are you interested in looking at your garden out the window of your home?
  • Do you now, or would you, like to entertain outdoors?  If so, how many people would you estimate your outdoor living area should accommodate?  Would you want to have an outdoor kitchen or fire pit (fireplace)?
  • Are you interested in irrigating your landscape using an automatic system?  Would you like to recycle your storm water runoff as a source of irrigation water?
  • Are you interested in using water (pond, stream, waterfall, or fountain) in your landscape?
  • Do you want accent or security lighting in your landscape?
  • How long do you plan to live in your current home?
  • Are you landscaping for return on your investment at the time of sale?
  • How much do you have budgeted for your landscaping?
  • Will you be implementing your project over several years or undertaking the entire plan at once?


Click here for printable checklist