Cultivating Creativity Since 1984
Koi are domesticated carp, first bred for their markings and colorations in Japan in the early 1820s. The primary functions of a koi pond are:

  1. to maximize fish health and
  2. to provide a beautiful water feature complimentary to the beauty of the koi.

Koi ponds are typically deeper than the average ornamental water garden.  The added depth:

  • Allows the koi to reach larger sizes and have both vertical as well as lateral swimming patterns.
  • Creates a safe zone beneath the reach of pond predators.
  • Maintains a more constant water temperature throughout the day.
  • Increases water volume greatly without increasing the “footprint” of the pond, thus increasing healthy fish holding capacity
Water quality is essential to maximizing fish health in a koi pond. We recommend and install:

  • Pressurized bead and media filters for biological and fine particulate filtration.
  • High volume, low head centrifugal pumps to economically recirculate the pond water.
  • UV sterilizers to maintain water clarity and reduce harmful protozoa in the water.
  • Living plant filters to assist with bio-filtration and “polish” the water.
  • Bottom suction to provide mixing of the water and remove excess fish waste buildup.
As with all our water features, the appropriate presentation of a koi pond is vital. We can construct the koi pond to fit a budget or a style by using a variety of construction materials.  We can create a complete Japanese setting with our extensive Asian plant selection if you desire.